Thursday, January 17, 2013

K. O. Cancer with Skullgirls

Skullgirls has a shot at being in EVO 2013, but first we've got to rally our fans to help support the worthy cause of Breast Cancer Research!  If we can raise more money than any of the other competing games then we'll be featured in the main line-up for EVO 2013! As of the writing of this post we're in 2nd place (right behind Super Smash Bros.)! Let's dethrone that outdated Final Destination simulator and show the world our love for fantastic fictional fighting femme fatales and all the non-fictional dames who are fighting cancer every day!

I will be raffling off limited edition prints of this illustration to anybody who donates $10 or more AND forwards their receipt to ianchase.deliciousorange[@] (remove the brackets and make sure to include your mailing address)

Update! - Laura Post (the voice of Valentine) has agreed to autograph a few of these prints! So in addition to these exclusive limited edition prints, you might also win one of a handful autographed by Valentine herself!

Update! - Click here to see the list of the winners and a thank you!