Thursday, November 7, 2013

Schoolgirls Love Tentacles - Last Chance to Pre-order!

Schoolgirls Love Tentacles is a love-letter to the frisky females who crave to cuddle cephalopods. Featuring over 50 illustrations from more than a dozen artists around the world it is jam packed with hydrostatic goodness and cheeky fun. Check out this mere fraction of the game's artwork:

Use the buttons below to order the Schoolgirls Love Tentacles card game and/or artbook. International orders (outside the United States of America) please add $10 to cover the extra care and packaging needed to ensure you get your copies in pristine condition.

Most of the first edition copies are going to the wonderful folks who backed our project via Indiegogo, the remaining copies are extremely limited so we will only be selling them until November 22nd or we run out of copies to sell whichever comes first!