Friday, February 8, 2013

Skullgirls Drawing Results and Thank You!

As many of you likely already know, as of last week Skullgirls helped raise more than $78,000 for breast cancer research! While we were unable to dethrone the juggernaut of Super Smash Brothers Melee, all together the fighting game community raised in excess of $220,000 for the BCRF.

In fact, EVO was so impressed by the outpouring of support and generosity of the Skullgirls community that they have decided to chip in and make Skullgirls the unofficial 9th game on the roster! Expect to see a dedicated setup for Skullgirls, a special exhibition live stream from the tournament floor, and EVO will even be chipping in extra money for prize pool!

Everyone really came through and I'm really proud of the support and good spirited competition that everyone showed all last week!

So without further ado, I would like to announce the winners of the K.O. Cancer raffle! In no particular order:
  • B. Warren
  • C. Butler
  • A. Martinez
  • C. Lindle
  • P. Pena
  • R. Fujiwara
  • D. Wheeler
  • L. Amparo
  • S. Lee
  • A. Ford

If your first initial and last name are on this list, CONGRATULATIONS! You should be receiving your limited edition signed print as soon as I can dig myself out of this snowstorm and mail them out to you (which will probably be next Monday by the looks of things).
If you did not see your name on the list, worry not, while you didn't win the uber-awesome grand prize I will be sending you a consolation prize consisting of a smaller, unlimited, unsigned print to express my deepest thanks and sincerest gratitude for making Skullgirls at EVO a reality.

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