Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tentacle Bento: Kitsu and Kicho

These troublesome twins made for a challenging, but enjoyable illustration.
See them in the card list for Tentacle Bento: Double Major.

Kitsu and Kicho are based on a pair of famous ladies from Japanese history.

Kicho (better known by her formal title, 'Lady No') was the wife of Emperor Nobunaga. She was well known not only for her beauty, but also for her sharp intellect and skill in the martial arts. Nobunaga credits her advice for many of his early victories, but it is also a popular rumor that she was secretly spying for her maiden family, some even believe she was involved in a plot to assassinate Nobunaga, but no such attempt on his life was ever actually made. There is a popular story about Kicho playing "double agent" and feeding false information to her father about a ficticious plot to murder him by two of his vassals. Kicho's father believed the misinformation and had two of his most loyal vassals killed for treason.

Kitsuno was the concubine of Emperor Oda Nobunaga. She had been widowed after the battle of Akechi and supposedly the Emperor was so struck by her beauty and dedication to her departed husband that he fell in love with her the moment he saw her (talk about catching a girl on the rebound). None the less, Kitsuno would later give birth to many of Nobunaga's most famous children, including his heir.

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