Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tentacle Bento: Okuni

The incomparable Raf drew up the line-art for this curvaceous beauty. It was an absolute pleasure to color it for her (I think I might gone a little overboard)! The concept behind this one was a modern incarnation of Okuni of Izumo and what better way to inject some cheer into Tentacle Bento: Double Major!

I drew the girls in the background; they are a trio of cheerleaders from Raf's upcoming project.

The historical Okuni was a shrine maiden who lived in the late 1500’s. She became famous for her acting and dancing ability, particularly for her sexually charged renditions of well known religious and folk dances which she regularly performed near the riverbeds of Kyoto. She later began recruiting and training homeless women (many of whom were orphans or prostitutes) to sing, act, and dance as a way to help them off the streets. She eventually formed a troupe that would become famous for inventing the style of performance known around the world as "Kabuki".

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